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thought factory quality control

5 Reasons to Raid …Your Thought Factory

 (Part 1 …excerpt from forthcoming  e-book

“The Thought Catcher”)

Your “Thought Factory”

can produce over 50,000 thoughts a day

We have a “Thought Factory” that works 24 hours, 7 days a week come rain or shine.  Yes, it’s extremely productive, but totally unreliable. FACT: your “Thought Factory” can produce over 50,000 thoughts a day, that’s approximately 1 thought per second.  Some of them are extremely sensible, some dumb (but harmless) …and the rest? Complete rubbish!

So, do you really know what you’re THINKing and the predictable pathways it follows? And do know anything about your factory’s “Quality Control” policies & procedures, used on a second to second basis to  accept / reject the thousands of thought bubbles you swim in every day?

Us poor earthlings are doomed

unless we stay on guard!

Sorry to be so blunt. Our thinking process is automatic, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. When it switches to automatic mode, which is virtually 90% of the time, the ideas, prejudices, notions, assumptions etc.  made about ourselves & other people are totally out of present awareness …and spotting them becomes  a real b******!

When you let the odd ‘rubbish’ thought slip through the net, the automatic process prevents you over-riding the system, unless you stay on guard! It takes you down a dodgy dark alley, and prevents the rational thinking system keeping you emotionally balanced. The rational thinking brain should be viewed as a friend “The Voice of Reason”, it relishes interrogating the suspicious thought and demands real evidence of it’s truth or usefulness.

What are the 5 reason to raid your Thought  Factory today?  :

  1. Distressing negative thoughts are creating  distressing feelings. It’s a bit of an ouch! It hurts.

 Anxiety .. Worry ..Doubt ..Fear

  1. You’re experiencing emotional discomfort (anxiety, worry, doubt, fear etc),accompanied by worrying physiological symptoms (changes to your breathing pattern, increased heart rate, muscle tension, queasy tummy etc), accompanied by ‘altered’/ out of character behaviour.
  1. When you look at the “Quality of the Relationships” that you have on a moment to moment basis with work colleagues, friends, partner, family, children etc …you’re disappointed with yourself.
  2. When you find the courage to raid the thought factory basement, it’s piled high with the bodies of precious dreams & ambitions. This Graveyard of Lost Dreams is dampening your zest for life, and preventing you from sharing your unique talents & abilities with the world.

And finally,

 When You Make Spot Checks’s all doom & Glo0m

  1. If you make spot-checks during the day, a quick assessment on a scale of 1-10 of how confident calm & relaxed these thoughts make you feel about your future, (1=lousy and 10=great) – what rating do you give them? …is it all gloom & doom?

So, perhaps it’s time to climb inside your head (metaphorically speaking), and do an audit. Measure each thought with a ruler …weigh it on your kitchen scales …re-evaluate it’s worth & the right it has to reside in you head.  I wonder what interesting facts  you might discover (or be shocked by) about  the “Quality of Thoughts”  being churned out by your “Thought Factory” …


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