TODAY I woke up to find a Virgin hot air Balloon hovering over my neighbours house. Yikes! Well, was I shocked, excited, curious? – all three. But did I really need some help with my anxiety?
Now I’ve seen hot air balloons before, and believe me my friends say I’m solely responsible for global warming (steady on guys! …only through talking). But 5 minutes later it  had to do an ‘Emergency Landing’ on the local children’s school playing field. Now I definitely need help with my anxiety!

…try and tell me THAT was planned?

At this point, my child-like excitement switched to intense horror – my imagination went bananas!

What if…

it had LANDED on the  school (my son used to go there …he’s 21yrs old now)?

What if…

it had LANDED  on our busy road during the school run?

What if…

it had KILLED 1000’s of innocent parents and children!
At this point my heart was racing and I was feeling slightly queasy. I remembered a great treatment for anxiety was deep breathing.  I took 3 deep breaths and sat down with a cup of strong English tea.  Yes, I’d been struck by a bad case of the ” WHAT if ‘s  “

3 of my NEGATIVE THINKINGS Habits are:

(often shortened to ANTs / NATs – negative automatic thoughts)
(1)  Jumping to conclusions
(2) Catastrophizing
(3) Thinking I have a crystal ball  … &  I can predict the future
Not to mention the final whammy, I have a vivid imagination, which is how I get into all this trouble in the first place. This type of thinking habit creates a build up of stress and anxiety in the body.


When all of these ingredients are whizzed in my mind’s mental food processor, it’s the  perfect recipe for disaster.  Although I created the false mental images in my mind, unfortunately my primitive emotional responses are triggered in exactly the same way…
… as if the mental events were happening for real!


The mind is the universal playground for making negative automatic ‘thought babies’, and when left untreated can be a sign of depression and anxiety.  We have almost 1 per second. So before getting your knickers in a twist, hyper-ventilating or triggering a potential panic attack:

Check, and Challenge  the truth of that thought or image …and then  Replace

(what’s the most ‘likely’ explanation?)

Ultimately, the scenarios we paint in our mind albeit disastrous, detailed, and frightening …they are  NOT REAL! or HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!
And 9 times out of 10 this simple process of Checking Challenging & Replacing , along with a little deep breathing  (to help you think straight ) –  will  bring you back down to Earth …with a BUMP! Yes, a bit like the hot air balloon.
Joy Langley  –   “The Thought Catcher”
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