Try as I might to stop my sense of self ( self esteem ) being swayed by the ‘slings and arrows of life’, I am still a sucker for praise! Is that so wrong? I worked with a colleague via email for several weeks, coaching him through the sticky crossroads he’d come to at work, and then…


Saying : “I’m out of the woods.”  
So how do you get your kicks?  What floats your ‘professional boat’?


Whatever job you choose in life to allow your skills, talents and gifts to flow through, great feedback from a happy client is Nirvana (go on, admit it!). Once you’ve worked out what this represents for you at the unique stage of  your life cycle, you will have found a ‘sweet spot’ that is deliciously addictive.


…Oooh, just in case you might be curious,  here’s the recommendation that made me smile :  
  • Karen-Joy is an inspiring coach that speaks from her Heart. She calls it the way it is with care and compassion.

  • The work I did with Joy has brought a very profound transformation for me.

  • I now have a better sense of my soul purpose and over all well being.

  • If you want to change your world then you must change the way you think.

  • Joy is the best at coaching and mentoring in helping you facilitate that change. Thank you Joy you are awesome!


Learn to give and receive praise, it’s a win-win for both parties involved.  Because you never know when a few words of support might be the difference between someone giving up on a task with a heavy heart …or the super-duper rocket fuel that ignites a passion to reach for the stars.

Joy Langley  –   “The Thought Catcher”   |